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« My loving thoughts return to you always…. »

The Amazing BALIKBAYAN ‘SAFETY’ BOX: a living, vocal performance piece for solo female voice, Balikbayan box, toys, « surprises, » bubble wrapping and peanuts. Based on her family’s yearly tradition. By Jasmine Orpilla.

Balikbayan translates ‘a Filipino returning to the Philippines after an extended period overseas.’  Balikbayan also refers to the actual cardboard boxes filled with gifts and regularly shipped back to the homeland to friends and family. Another word for this gift is pasalubong.

A very special thanks to Manila Forwarders, for their in kind donations!

Catch my upcoming performances of the Balikbayan « Safety Box » by clicking on All New Shows! 

‘Balikbayan Safety Box’ performance, copyright © 2011-2019 by Jasmine Orpilla. All Rights Reserved.

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