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SPLOTCH©: The Beauty of Skin Whitening by Jasmine Orpilla.

A live musical performance art piece with the video collaboration of filmmaker Najaa Young (director of African Americans).

Colorism. The deep roots of the colonized mind come to the surface in tragic forms of self-hate, sold under the disguise of ‘beauty. ‘ The standard of beauty in this case is perpetuated as: « fair » skin. Do you have it? It seems like an absurd question, especially to BIPOC. Yet, to this day, the market for skin-whitening products continues to boom, business as usual in an ever-evolving line of products whose side effects involve…well, premature death. In SPLOTCH© I examine the process of this slow, but consciously self-conscious death, as from a cancer stemming from internalized racism.

« Splotch: The Beauty of Skin Whitening » is copyright © 2011 by Jasmine Orpilla. All Rights Reserved.

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