Offering Vocal Destruction since 1909.



I was featured as #3 in LA WEEKLY’s Top 10 Most Memorable Art Events:

A GO! From LA Weekly:

(…for music, musical direction and performance art in The Vault)

And reviewed in LA Stage Times

« …talented and comically brilliant! »   –LAist

« (Jasmine Orpilla) is a total star…run out and see (her) now! » –Melpomene Theatre Blog:

And reviews from LA Times and LA Weekly

LA Times, F. Kathleen Foley:

LA Weekly, Steven Leigh Morris:

Full length article in LA Weekly by Catherine Wagley for « See What Love the Father has for Us » (Asher Hartman):

LA Weekly’s Catherine Wagley on Twitter:

« Jasmine Orpilla, who goes from demure to fierce and back, may be my favorite thing… »

« Ninjamamalickum sang vocals with opera-like gracefulness… » –The Daily Sundial

« A shrieking singer on the flank, Ninjamamalickum, bolstered the musically martial expertise with Ono-ish squeals, deliriously bringing the height of Ninja Academy’s gorgeous intensity to celestial spheres. » –LA Taco.

« (She’s) a vocal destructionist/gangsta- …! » –Citizen LA.

« …affecting. »   ABS-CBN for The Filipino Channel.

« …impressively original. »  –Contours Magazine.

« Ninjamamalickum, probably getting a most awesome sounding revenge on her parents for making her learn traditional japanese vocal music.  She had this voice that emits probably the most decibels per pound of any singer in the world. » –Way

(About REDCAT performance during simultaneous May ’09 earthquake) « George Lugg claimed I conjured that earthquake, but I think it was the voice of Jasmine Orpilla. Riveting! »  –Afrologics, Art, Analysis & Action by Anna B. Scott.

Read about my musical creative process for theatre in L.A. STAGE TIMES:


« I loved her! » -Devo’s Mr. Gerry Casales,  making a surprise visit to the Ninja Academy show at Spaceland L.A. in December 2008.

« A DELIGHT! A kaleidoscope of things…you don’t know what’s coming next! »  -Mr. Bill Pullman, attending closing night of The Vault Unlocked, at the LATC, Oct 2011.

« YES! Such talent! What a statement on L.A. »  -Mr. Theodore Lange, commenting on my number « Dogsh*t »  in The Vault Unlocked, at the LATC, Oct 2011.