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For those who had the pleasure of attending my little live ‘coming out show’ in underground L.A., as well as for those who missed it, well…..the answer is: YES. My costume collection aside, I am and have been an undercover practicing clairvoyant empathic MEDIUM for many years now, ever since some eye-opening, unforgettable experiences beginning in my childhood that set me unwillingly on that path. I tried everything, believe me. Psychologists and different cognitive modalities of analytic therapy did not ‘fix’ it. Multiple religions and their different teachings didn’t ‘stop’ it. Oh yeah, as much as I still love them even the scientific method and atheism didn’t exactly work out for the best. Sooooo…having hit my existential rock bottom, from there, began some gentle digging into my family history: turns out these ‘abilities’ run along my mother’s line (go figure) and continue past me even down to my younger cousins. That doesn’t mean my Dad’s totally off the hook by the way- he contributes by always wearing this ring that makes him go quiet whenever I try to ask about its insignias. (Sigh.) No one talks taboo chez moi, no one, cause that’s how we roll.
But eventually, in the end I made enough peace with myself to find the right mentors who helped me channel the abilities (pun absolutely intended) in such a way I could function in day-to-day life, without having to regularly listen to Enya nor join a cult or anything like that.
Oh YES, I still do give uncomfortably accurate* « readings » (aka healings) and stuff like that for those who, by word of mouth, have delicately requested them. I am super-paranoiacally discreet about my practice (I say online, wink) because A) it’s very personal
B) it NEVER makes for very typical BBQ nor cocktail party conversation, what with the constant controversy of secrets un/told and seemingly odd bits of randomly bombarding information from either the living (or not so living) all of whose unwarranted matters keep floating, during otherwise fun times, like dessert. And I have to watch. And listen. Add to that, I insist I am at heart and in fact, always will be a steadfast, realistic, common-sense subscriber to logical and critical thinking who:

#1. Is embarrassed by any New-Age Woo-Woo anything.

#2. Integrates daily ritual, as a practical part of my heritage, pride, sexuality and existence as a spiritual person of color.

#3. Always puts out the disclaimer that predictions could be « wrong » and you should only take home messages that resonate with you, or else sprinkle in a grain of salt because at the end of the day, you must own that it is YOUR gut instinct that is correct. Don’t hand your power away in times of distress. Don’t flippantly ask me to take it from you. Because I won’t. Don’t need it, don’t want it, got my own, thanks.

There! I said it.

So, at the BBQ, at the party or wherever, and we get to talking about « psychic stuff »….if I change the subject suddenly, as awkward as my boundaries are, it’s really out of tough love for all involved. And if I don’t, well, then call it a reading… perhaps soon to come.


My additionals, in bullet points:
•In-depth healings (various tools)
•Most relevant past regressions
•Current guides’ communication
•Relationship/compatibility advice
•Recommended entity « removal »
•House/onsite property reading
•Rituals for interpersonal healing
•Ritual energy transmutation (seasonal)

~Sorry, I do not do fortune-telling {ie. Deuteronomy 18:10} nor provide information to compulsive gamblers at the drop of a hat in public. You wouldn’t open your mouth to some dentist you randomly met on the street and ask them to quick check out your molar with bare hands while you both wait in line at the ATM, or you wouldn’t just drop your pants coughing to the doctor you just met at a local happy hour with everyone watching. No, I don’t like to work outside my proper setting. Yes, I have occasionally rolled up to people with random information I’m compelled to share but even then, I suggest a private setting to discreetly talk.~

*Testimonials upon request



Questions inspired by our December 2016 interview* with Sway Calloway!

Q: What is ‘grounding’?
A: Before I read, I energetically anchor myself so that I don’t get lost in the process. It’s also the first and rather important step in establishing personal protection and a necessary protective space in and through which to read. In order to never ever skip this step, I actually repeat it routinely throughout the day and night, both on and off duty.

Q: Any really dark experiences lately?
A: I know everyone uses the terms ‘dark’ or ‘ negative’ and for the sheer sake of simplicity you may hear me use the same common terms, however- I don’t actually believe in applying the color scheme to energy, let alone ‘binary’ terms (including gender) in order to define something so subtle and intimate as energy. And I do as much as possible not to allow my ego judgment of the energy so as to remain emotionally unbiased. That said, there are energies that do not feel good and YES I have definitely encountered them in my work and quotidien. There was this entity I « met » once that literally fed off of rage and chaos energy (which I didn’t provide, so it moved on to my nearby colleagues who unfortunately dismissed my warning). The entity had the toxic ‘personality’ and crumpled ‘face’ of someone who had too much to drink- kind of volatile, gross and silly. Just as you encounter real people you totally don’t vibe with, you encounter tangible spirit you don’t vibe with, but it all depends on both your intentions with them in the first place. In this case, the entity had bad, invasive intentions and I instantly « walked » away. Yes, this was at a bar. Pretty common, and why I don’t really drink.

Q: What do you mean by « foreplay »??!!
A: Tantric energy. It takes time and intention. A good reading, in my humble opinion, is also intimate and takes its time. It’s better that way, feels good, you know, when it is unrushed and in the right « setting. » It is not a flashy performance per se, with tricks, bells and whistles, so much as a relaxing, long-lasting evening that you trust will satisfy you in the end.
My RITUALS on the other hand…..
(Ah! But that is another story!)

The following question is from the friendly and curious people I met at the event:

Q: What do you believe in, Jasmine?
A: Well, I prefer to align as close as possible to Source within, because I am VERY well aware of the multiple -isms, belief systems, books, texts, dogmas and movements in history that either expound endless variations upon, or, ultimately contradict each other in practice. I am also well aware of and versed in all the major marketing trends that make any one of those -isms a popular commodity at any given time. (I used to work at the Bodhi Tree, Beverly Hills, for crying out loud- don’t get me started, and don’t try to sell me shit.) And as a person of color, I certainly don’t personally identify with all of the isms/ogmas and associated products out there though I do accept they are there, for others to relate to and to buy. And buy. And buy.
All that said! Here! The only Hermes I go for is from Saks 5th Ave:


Joking aside (the bag is nice, for reals though how ’bout a mortgage?) my beliefs are personal, definitely NOT a fashion statement and I keep details private out of respect for the practice itself.

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