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Many of the photos shared with me below, I’m sharing with you here in a NinjaMamaScrapbook of Various Good Times:

In ‘PATTY the Revival » by Patrick Kennelly. Photo: Leo Garcia

Photo credit: Rick Mendoza

« RatLove series. » Jasmine Orpilla with Joe Seely 2011. Photo: Whitestrobe


Jasmine Orpilla & Sergio Zamparo, Cabaret Sauvage a la Villette, Paris
Jasmine Orpilla & Sergio Zamparo, Cabaret Sauvage a la Villette, Paris
with l’Association les Freaks




(Left:) Backstage with ASSSCAT troupe at Upright Citizens Brigade, Hollywood. Spending quality time with the Gazillionaire. (below)




Above: Performing at The Smell, L.A. And in Little Tokyo. Below: Performing at Steve Allen Theater. Photo: Hans Fjellstadt/Sound series


BTS making-of shot of the Ninja Academy album cover.

Photo by Leo Garcia

Performing Splotch at Highways Performance Space. Photo: Leo Garcia

Photo: Ninjamamalickum by White Strobe


Jasmine Orpilla & the Vault Ensemble. Photo: DesignsbyGato


In Purple Electric Play by Asher Hartman, with Drew Thataussie (rt and below). Photo credit: Marianne Williams.

Performing with Llyn Foulkes and his Machine. Photo credit: Rafael Cardenas.

Jasmine Orpilla, Boston Court Theatre

in « The Vault » Los Angeles Theatre Center

With Claire Cronin and Dawn Kasper in our Annie characters, in Annie Okay! by Asher Hartman. Photo credit: Marchionno & McCarty

Ninjamamalickum happeing, Red Zebra Show. Photo: Rick Mendoza.

As Annie, with Michael Morrissey as Crawly, in Asher Hartman’s ANNIE OKAY! Photo credit: Marchionno & McCarty

At REDCAT, performing my piece: The Typhoon, the Rope, and the Slippers.

In « See What Love the Father Has Given Us » by Asher Hartman. This image is also featured on the cover of Miami’s DWNTN Arts & Culture Guide. Photo credit: Marianne Williams.

In « See What Love the Father Has Given Us. » by Asher Hartman. Photo: Marianne Williams)

Jasmine Orpilla as The Gaze in « Patty the Revival. » by Patrick Kennelly. Photo: Leo Garcia

Jasmine Orpilla as KANA Mori, in East West Players/Rogue Artists’ KAIDAN PROJECT photo credit: Chelsea Sutton.

In Clipping’s Splendor and Misery, directed by Patrick Kennelly.

And some fans surprised me with these from GITH/WEtv:










…Lest we forget:

Ninjamamalickum’s Eggs. (Photo: D.Leary, B.Ryan, J.Orpilla)

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