Offering Vocal Destruction since 1909.


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Ninjamamalickum & Friends:

Offering Authentic Gender Power Play® since 1999.

Speaking of ritual….

Misss Ninjamamalickum truly enjoys the regular observation of present-day gender roles and the ambiguity of the power transferrance between women and men, as dictated by sexual orientation, cultural heritage and the (American) status quo.  She is fascinated by the archetypical influence of societal expectations and other pre-judgements that form both the subtle basis of a relationship as well as physically and psychologically determine the authentic level of each partner’s deepest sense of responsibility to one another.

Misss Ninjamamalickum is therefore excited to present to you AUTHENTIC GENDER POWER PLAY® as a safe and entertaining alternative towards examining the so-called male-female rituals of attraction, tension and violence that are most commonly suppressed from public view, in a context that promises to leave the (American) status quo totally unharmed and unthreatened- GUARANTEED.

Check All New Live Shows!  for possible upcoming performances. We tend to use word-of-mouth advertising for these, due to the fact that our locations are literally underground.

Misss Ninjamamalickum states that it is the whole responsibility of audience members witnessing AUTHENTIC GENDER POWER PLAY®  to protect their own intimate views on love and sex, and to incite change only where needed, as needed, and only if prepared, to fully give consent in their own personal and private lives, to do so.

Taste a little old PIE

photo by Rick Mendoza

Authentic Gender Power Play® live at the Crocker Club LA and at Siren Studios Hollywood, CA.



Msss. N.M.L. in official uniform

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