Offering Vocal Destruction since 1909.

-Ah! L.A. STAGE TIMES, LA TIMES, LA Weekly Reviews



« How Many Years Did We Fight the Beast Together » opera created by Jasmine Orpilla Thanks so much to the Asian Journal for your total engagement!

A preview from L.A Weekly, by Catherine Wagley, on Asher Hartman’s phenomenal Purple Electric Play!:

« Jasmine Orpilla……(the) sometimes-vulnerable seductress who could instantly transform into a bastion of power »

Read of my performance as DEATH in the original play MELANCHOLIA, at LATC:

« Jasmine Orpilla plays this beautifully haunting version of La Muerte whose incredible singing voice invokes an almost holy eeriness, »

Article by Lydia Kapp, LIFE IN LA,

From Andrea Kittelson of the EXAMINER writes:

« The ever-present yet unpredictable Death (Jasmine Orpilla), who sings a heavenly soprano, approaches from the outside, and then stays and discreetly hovers. She enters the action occasionally from a variety of angles with her glorious voice perhaps as a reminder that death is out of our control yet never out of reach, and death is both feared and a soothing peace. »

Read the review here:

I was featured #3 in LA Weekly’s Top 10 Most Memorable Art Events 2012:

Read about my musical creative process for theatre in L.A. STAGE TIMES:


And reviews from LA Times and LA Weekly

LA Times, F. Kathleen Foley:

LA Weekly, Steven Leigh Morris:

Full length article in LA Weekly by Catherine Wagley for « See What Love the Father has for Us » (Asher Hartman):

Catherine Wagley on Twitter:

« Jasmine Orpilla, who goes from demure to fierce and back, may be my favorite thing… »

More reviews here!

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