Offering Vocal Destruction since 1909.


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DISCLAIMER: Ninjamamalickum may attack in various sounds and shapes at random art happenings, live concerts, national television, radio and web broadcasts, theatrical and musical collaborations at a town near you. Please be advised of the effects of these sudden appearances.*


Offering Vocal Destruction© for Ninja Academy since 1909.

Ninjamamalickum, the ever-so-slightly warmer alter-ego baptized in Ninja form as a loyal member of the L.A. based post-punk-math-prog band

Ninja Academy.

(In case you’re asking, What’s up with the name NinjaMamaLickum?)

Interesting sudden appearances include: Jasmine’s melodic ritual conjuring of ‘100’ Japanese yokai à la Hyakumonogatari, at Machine Project LA, or pitching the latest technology for your Virtual Death at LACMA, or performing with Sheila E at the 34th Playboy Jazz Festival Hollywood Bowl, and at the TED Conference curated by Juan Enriquez and Bill Gates; or Jasmine spitting live the Daveed Diggs’ authored rap, as the platform-heeled, whip-wielding cyberborg Gaze of God in Patrick Kennelly’s « PATTY the Revival » at Highways Performance Space Santa Monica, which was 5 times nominated (Best Musical, Best Ensemble, etc) for LA Weekly’s ’13 Theatre Awards; or appearing on recent eye-opening interviews on the Steve Harvey show, or NYC’s Cheddar TV, and with the epic Sway Calloway…


Top of page photo Jasmine Orpilla in « See What Love the Father Has Given Us » by Asher Hartman. Photo credit: Marianne Williams. Above photo credit: Whitestrobe Photography.

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