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Offering Vocal Destruction© for Ninja Academy since 1909.

Ninjamamalickum, a.k.a. Jasmine Orpilla, is a Filipina-American vocal performance artist and composer for experimental musical theatre. Though raised in Saudi Arabia and Japan her musical roots remain in her family’s barrio of Salindeg in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Her G3-E6 full vocal range and 250+BPM busting, spans not only her immersion into various eclectic styles and vocal placements meant for male as well as female voices, but also her respect to the different cultures in which she had immersed herself in order to learn traditional music from Japan, China, Philippines, Morocco, etc. Strongly marked by her experiences performing for significant world theatre and opera directors Ariane Mnouchkine, Peter Sellars, Akira Matsui (Nogaku, Kita) and Master Pei Yanling (Peking Opera), she teamed up with both ARTA (Association de Recherche des Traditions de l’Acteur) and Grenoble’s Theatre 145 in France, in order to further her passion for world theatre traditions in performance and their relevant connection to her cultural background as well as to her political beliefs in art for social change…

Her live -Current Happenings Here-

…Her resulting multi-disciplinary vocal performance art pieces earned her attention in Parisian and Berlin performance festivals as well as the eventual award from the Mayor and City of Paris for original electroacoustic composition, (for jazz quintet, voice, Parisian field recordings and set to Bertolt Brecht’s poetry as translated by Jasmine into French Sign Language; Festival Metiss’Age- l’Amour; Les Chantiers de Blaye, Vues d’Ici 2003; PrixParisJeunesTalents, 2004). Her compositions also received national radio attention in France and currently have distribution throughout Europe (SACEM; Radio France; Edel Records, Warner France)…

…The only Filipina-American performing professionally in the Paris circuit in the late 90’s, Jasmine eventually landed roles in French film and national television(TF1 2002-2004), participated in the creation of  legendary Théâtre du Soleil’s “le Dernier Caravanserail,” and was featured in numerous Parisian theatre companies in the collaboration of original musical theatre works, featuring her compositions (Les Blancs Manteaux, Les Deschargeurs, Théâtre du Chaudron, Cabaret Sauvage). Ironically, she would perform onstage not only in Ilocano but also in fluent French, and Japanese, Swiss/German, Cantonese, yet never in her native English until coming back to the USA in 2006…

Her live-Current Happenings Here-

…In California, her performance art was featured on KTLA Morning, on ABS-CBN for The Filipino Channel and selected for art shows and events throughout L.A. (The Hammer Museum, LACE, Skirball Cultural Center, OTIS, Machine Project LA, CannibalArtFlower, HumanResourcesLA, Downtown L.A. Artwalk, Chinatown ArtNight, etc).  In an array of vocal identities, she has sung at most commercial and underground L.A. music festivals and clubs such as the Knitting Factory, the Crash Mansion, the Steve Allen Theatre, the Echo, Pehrspace, Venice  Beach Music Festival, Eagle Rock Music Festival, the Upright Citizens Brigade with Matt Walsh and Tim Meadows, to name a few. In 2008, Jasmine toured across the United States in a one-woman, eight-multi-ethnic-character show dealing with the controversies of racial diversity in America. In Spring ’09 she was selected to perform in both ArtTalk (Pasadena Playhouse District, Boston Court Theatre, in solo performance) and ArtNight Pasadena ‘09, for which she, together with the multidisciplinary post-prog-punk-bebop band Ninja Academy were awarded a performance-grant from the city’s Arts & Culture Commission and the Division of Cultural Affairs. 2009 also marked the development and performance of Jasmine Orpilla’s vocal ‘art-as-social-action’ heritage pieces which were curated twice in a row by REDCAT in Walt Disney Concert Hall Such pieces have been integrated into her work  as a multi-disciplinary teaching artist with the generous support of Sony Pictures, William Morris Agency, Deutsch Inc.,Target and more.

Jasmine has collaborated in the creation and live performance of original sound structures with experimental musicians and artists such as Steve Roden, Llyn Foulkes, Nels Cline and Hans Fjellestad. She was awarded the Durfee ARC for her own experimental sound and musical theatre work, featured at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, where she is currently Musical Director and performing member of the controversial Vault Ensemble.

More recently, Jasmine Orpilla’s performance in the LATC’s  MELANCHOLIA 2013 has received rave reviews for her original portrayal of Death.  Jasmine Orpilla was also featured as one of LA WEEKLY’s Top 10 Most Memorable Art Events in LA for 2012.  In 2014, Jasmine leads in Asher Hartman’s incredible Purple Electric Play, which has just extended its run to 2015, due to popular demand at Machine Project

 Interesting surprise performances include: with Sheila E. at the 34th Playboy Jazz Festival Hollywood Bowl, TED Conference ’11 curated by Juan Enriquez and Bill Gates; recording live with Jonathan Snipes (of Captain Ahab) in character as the cyberborg GOD/dess in Patrick Kennelly’s « PATTY the Revival » at Highways Performance Space Santa Monica, which is 5 times nominated (Best Musical, Best Ensemble, etc) for LA Weekly’s Theatre Awards 2013.

WARNING: Slight ‘highbrow’ matter in the above text. Why not get to know her by simply clicking on the orange column to the right, starting with ‘All New Live Shows’ ? Do ENJOY!

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Photo of A. Hartman’s Annie Okay performance at Hammer Museum, by Marianne Williamson Photography.



For my piece « The Typhoon, the Rope, and the Slippers, » playing at REDCAT in Walt Disney Concert Hall this November, I am collaborating with People’s CORE, 501 (c)(3), KmB Pro-People Youth, and the Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) to request your support to aid our sisters and brothers in the Philippines through Sagip-Tulong sa Pilipinas Emergency Relief Fund. Donations, such as those integrated within our performance, are arranged with Ang Kalusugan para sa Pinoy Inc. (AKAP: Embracing with Care), a non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with 21 health stations in Metro Manila. AKAP is located at 7 Mulawin St., Mapayapa Village III, Capital Hills, Quezon City, tel. (632) 425-2576.  We will be collecting donations throughout the remainder of 2009.

A very special thanks to The Filipino Channel ABS-CBN  for doing the feature on my performance to help with our awareness efforts!

…For upcoming performances, click on « All New Live Shows. »  

Thank you! 



The Typhoon, the Rope and the Slippers, copyright © 2008-2015 by Jasmine Orpilla. 

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